Make your Refinance dreams come true in Danvers, Massachusetts

Top Refinancing Options in Danvers, Massachusetts

  • A father calculating how refinancing his mortgage will help him pay for his son to go to college.
    Lower your rate to reduce your monthly mortgage payments.
  • A computer and notes from a homebuyer understanding the available home refinance programs, such as a FHA cash-out refinance.
    Change your loan term (for example, go from 30 years to 15 years).
  • A young couple who were able to consolidate their debts with a mortgage refinance.
    Consolidate multiple debts into one easy-to-manage loan.

The Benefits of Refinancing in Danvers Massachusetts

Refinancing to a more favorable term or lower interest rate can help you potentially save significant amounts of money over the life of your loan. Changing your financing can also free up the cash you may need for home renovations, college tuition or unplanned repairs around the house.

The CrossCountry Mortgage team is right here in Danvers Massachusetts to educate you and provide the necessary support so you can meet your financial goals!

Your Danvers Refinancing Guide

Congratulations! You've evaluated your finances and want to make improvements to reach your goals. Before beginning the loan process, it's important to be prepared. There are many steps involved to make sure you have a smooth and successful experience.

We're here to help! Even if you've been through the mortgage process before, you may not be aware of all of the mortgage products and options that can help you either save money or gain access to funds at lower interest rates than the average credit card.

Our Refinance Loans in Danvers

  • Cash-Out Refi

    Turn your home equity into cash at closing and use the funds to pay for a variety of expenses.

  • FHA 203k

    A loan that can help repair or modernize your home by covering the cost of qualified repairs.

  • FHA Streamline

    You can lower your monthly mortgage payments or go from an adjustable rate to a fixed rate.

  • USDA Streamline

    The same benefits as an FHA Streamline for those with a USDA loan who live in a rural area.


    An interest rate reduction refinance loan that can help lower monthly payments on a VA loan.

  • Fixed-Rate Refi

    Your interest rate and payments will be consistent throughout the duration of your loan.

  • Adjustable-Rate Refi

    You can possibly save money in the short term, but rates may increase during an adjustment period.

  • Jumbo Cash-Out

    Flexible long-term financing at a low interest rate with a $500,000 cash-out maximum.

Tips for Refinancing in Danvers

  • Know Your Timeframe

    How long do you plan on staying in your home? Refinancing can reduce your monthly payment initially, but that doesn't always mean you will save money in the long run.

  • Know the Fees

    Your current loan provisions may issue penalties for paying off your home loan early. Speak with your loan officer to ensure your refinance rates will cover any applicable fees.

  • Know Your Score

    Review your credit report and get a copy of your credit score before you begin the refinancing process. Report any errors you find, and avoid actions that may lower your score.

Frequently Asked Questions